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Searching for a web developer? Tired of your old site? Want to remove all the redundant, old and boring information and content from your site, get rid of all the crappy design that was previously there and start anew with a fresh, beautiful and creative web design?

We understand that your business needs a website that is stunning: one that will creatively reflect your business and brand. You and your business need to be seen in a professional light; with your website being one that will keep you and your customers happy whenever they visit it.

As the customer, we want you to be happy with the final product that we deliver. If you don’t quite have a website for your business now is the best time to get one. If you do have one but would like to improve it Global Indent is here to help you achieve your vision.

  • We wish to create excellent relationships with our customers.
  • We want to create a large customer base full of happy and satisfied clients.
  • We create websites with  you and your business in mind.
  • We aim for excellence, professionalism and awesome websites.
  • We work with you to create a website that will stand out from the rest of the websites from the web.
  • We want to see websites on the web improve: we want to make an Indent in our field.
  • Our focus is to create websites that are visually compelling, affordable and intelligent.


Your website could be our next project.

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Unlimited Possibilities.

Have no concern about the limitations of the websites we create. The possibilities are almost endless…

We ensure that some of the best code on the web is being used and that we are sourcing plugins that are some of the most trusted and reliable plugins on the web. This means that your website will run smoothly with no conflicts and absolute security.

Not only this, but by sourcing some of the best plugins and scripts, we have endless possibilities of functionality for your website. Whether you want a simple customisation such as changing your button colour or embedding a google map with your location to wanting a full page masonry gallery with pagination loader or an awesome mega menu or a super advanced slider that has images, animations, text, fade effects, parallax, overlays videos – we can do it all.

Yunnan Rainbow Connect

Want to see more examples of the features that we can add or create on your site? Do you want to see examples of the endless possibilities that we can do? Great!

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Our services include basic and advanced blogs, basic and advanced websites, pay per service.